MCPE Hosting Affordable High Performance Minecraft Pocket Edition Servers

Dirt Plan

1024 MB (1 GB)

1-25 Players

$3.00 / Month

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Grass Plan

2048 MB (2 GB)

1-50 Players

$6.00 / Month

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Gravel Plan

3072 MB (3 GB)

1-75 Players

$9.00 / Month

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Stone Plan

4096 MB (4 GB)

1-100 Players

$12.00 / Month

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Iron Plan

5120 MB (5 GB)

1-125 Players

$15.00 / Month

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Gold Plan

6144 MB (6 GB)

1-150 Players

$18.00 / Month

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Redstone Plan

7168 MB (7 GB)

1-175 Players

$21.00 / Month

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Lapis Plan

8192 MB (8 GB)

1-200 Players

$24.00 / Month

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Diamond Plan

9216 MB (9 GB)

1-225 Players

$27.00 / Month

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Obsidian Plan

10240 MB (10 GB)

1-250 Players

$30.00 / Month

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Custom Plan

You decide

1-∞ Players

Custom / Month

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Why Choose TigerNode?

High Performing Hardware

We only utilize some of the best hardware, highly clocked CPUs, and SSDs along with redundent components, keeping your awesome Minecraft server lag free and online 24/7.

99.9% Uptime SLA

Should we ever fail to provide 99.9% uptime, we will credit your account.

Awesome Support System

Whenever you have a question, shoot our team a message via email, ticket, live chat, etc. We'll get an answer to you quick.


Keeping your data secure is one of our top priorities. We take as many steps as possible to ensure our servers are secure.

Multicraft Control Panel

Multicraft access comes with each of our Minecraft hosting plans at no extra charge. Multicraft is a powerful industry leading control panel, used by millions of server admins.

Scale As Needed

As your server grows, upgrade your package any time. You'll only be billed for the time remaining on your cycle.